Electric Scooter Purple: The Best for Each Use Case

If royalty means anything to you, then buying a purple electric scooter could just be your perfect choice. 

The problem is that finding a comprehensive list of the best purple e-scooters is hard to come by. 

After taking our ample time taking different models for spins, we have been able to collect some of the best electric scooters that come in purple accents. 

Let’s have a deeper digging on the electric scooters that come in purple color and that way, you will be in a better position to choose which best fits your needs.

Our Best Purple Electric Scooters

1. Purple EMOVE Cruiser: The Best Purple Electric Scooter for Range

EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter purple

The EMOVE Cruiser is one of the few electric scooters that come in up to 5 colors. Coming in Purple, Black, Red, White, and Orange hues, the buyer has a better chance of choosing which best fits them. 

The EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter Purple is one of the most unique out there and absolutely shows a touch of class. With more buyers leaning towards the White and Black models, you can rest assured that you will be standing out at those group rides over the weekends. 

Below are our Purple EMOVE Cruiser specs we have been able to gather during our tests: 

Top Speed (our tests) 30 miles per hour
Top Range (our tests) 58.2 miles (94km)
Motor 1000W
Battery LG 52V 30Ah
Suspension Rear air shocks; front spring
Braking  Hydraulic
Charging 9 hours
Water resistance  Certified IPX6
Weight  23 kg (52 lbs)
Weight Limit 160kg (352 lbs)

One of the specs that set apart the EMOVE Cruiser from its competitors is the up-to 62 miles worth of range. From our tests, we recorded a top range of 58.2 miles, which is great considering I weigh 258 lbs. 

Thanks to this long range, you can use your Cruiser to make extra money from say food deliveries or any other delivery job.

The EMOVE Cruiser Purple scooter is the real deal for heavy riders weighing up to 352 lbs, which makes it ideal for relatively lighter adults, along with carrying some luggage.

Featuring a certified IPX6 water-resistance rating, the Cruiser is one of the few most water-resistant electric scooters we have today. Along with its tubeless pneumatic 10-inch tires, you can rely on this ride to be useful in different terrains.

For an e-scooter with such a load capacity, it’s actually surprising that it only weighs 23 kg (52lbs). Most scooters in its class weigh way above 75lbs. 

EMOVE Cruiser is a relatively slow electric scooter, though. Hitting a rated top speed of 33 miles per hour, this is definitely not the fastest model in its class. Nevertheless, EMOVE focused more on range than speed while manufacturing this model. 

EMOVE Cruiser Purple Electric Scooter Pros

  • Relatively lightweight for its weight limit
  • One of the best-budget long-range electric scooters we have today
  • High-quality branded LG battery guarantees longevity
  • A water-resistance rating of IPX6 makes the ride ideal for different weather conditions
  • For the specs, this scooter is highly-affordable.


  • Since the EMOVE Cruiser has a single motor, it struggles on steep hills
  • Relatively slow.

2. EMOVE Touring Electric Scooter Purple

EMOVE Touring Purple electric scooter

EMOVE Touring, just like EMOVE Cruiser comes in Purple, Black, White, Red, and Orange colors. 

The Purple EMOVE Touring electric scooter is one of the most stylish rides, yet ultra-lightweight for an e-scooter that can support adults weighing up to 308 lbs. 

While testing it, these are the specs we recorded from the Purple Touring:

Our tested top speed 23.2 miles per hour
Our tested top range 30.8 miles
Motors Single; 500W
Battery LG; 48V 13 Ah
Suspension Triple springs
Braking Drum at the rear
Tires 8 inches; rear solid, front pneumatic
Colors Black, Red, Purple, White, Orange
Weight  17kg (39 lbs)
Weight Limit 308 lbs (140kg)

We love describing the EMOVE Touring as the best-budget electric scooter under $1000. With a solid rear tire and a pneumatic one at the front, this e-scooter offers a more diversified risk against getting flats for both tires. 

Again, the pneumatic tire at the front and the triple spring suspension system help towards smoothening the ride quality that would otherwise be poorer with a solid tire. 

Rated to hit a top range of 32 miles, we recorded 30.8 as our best. The high-quality LG 48V 13Ah battery is right up your alley to give you these tens of miles worth of range without you worrying about running out of power juice. 

With just a single 500W motor at the rear, you shouldn’t expect this ride to be in any way fast, which is why it’s rated to hit a top speed of 25 mph. We recorded 23.2 as our best, though. 

Weighing only 39 lbs, the EMOVE Touring is one of the few lightweight electric scooters for adults weighing 300lbs. If you would ever need to lift such a scooter, then we can undoubtedly recommend the Purple Touring to you. 

Purple EMOVE Touring Pros

  • Great for both light and heavy riders 
  • Different tire types offer versatility
  • Lightweight adult scooter
  • Comes with a high-quality branded battery.


  • Relatively slow for its price
  • Not the best all-terrain e-scooter in its class. 

3. Purple Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro: The most comfortable Purple Motor Scooter

The Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro comes in four colors; Purple, Sweet Pea, Vapor Black, and White. 

Of those, the Purple Betty shaded is the best budget one. 

With a weight limit of 170 lbs, we find this Purple motor scooter ideal for teens, especially daughters/granddaughters and very light adults. While relatively-heavy adults within the specified load capacity can ride it, the performance won’t be as great as when ridden by light riders.

We found the assembling to be the most seamless since you will only need to attach the handlebars, handbrake, and front wheel, then get going. 

Below are the specs we recorded from the Purple Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro based on Mitchelle’s (a teenager’s) test.

Top Speed 14.6 mph (23.4 km/h)
Top Range 9.7 miles (15.6km)
Battery 24V (Lead)
Motor 250W
Wheels Solid; 12 inches Front
Weight 22.9 kg (50.5 lbs)

This model is one of the most comfortable as it features a seat design, which means the rider can ride in up to 40 minutes without getting fatigued from standing. Again, this unique ride features a rear suspension, which makes comfort further better.

With drum brakes, the rider is assured of a great stopping power, which in turn, means their safety is great.

Under the seat, this electric scooter features a compartment where you can keep your vital stuff safely. Are you a college student who wishes to stuff a notebook or two somewhere convenient? The PocketMod Miniature has your back covered. 

4. Purple Razor Core E100: The Best E-Scooter for kids

Ideal for kids aged 8 and above, the Purple Razor Core E100 electric scooter is one of the best-budget electric scooters for kids. 

One of the unique features is that a rider has to kickstart it to activate the motor. This is certainly a great safety feature that ensures kids are safe while riding it.  

Below are the key Purple Razor Core E100 Specs:

Top Speed 18km/h (11 mph)
Top Range 18km (11 miles)
Motor 100W; Hub
Battery 24V (Lead)
Braking Front
Wheels Pneumatic 8-inch (F) 6-inch Rubber (R)

Unlike most Razor E100 models that come with chain-driven motors, this specific model has a hub motor, which is why it hits a top speed of 11 miles per hour against 10mph for its chain-driven counterparts. 

With an expected top range of 11 miles, the manufacturer claims that this scooter is capable of hitting 60 minutes of ride time. As expected, the top range and riding time your kid will hit depends on their weight and battery condition. 

5. Razor Power E100: The most affordable Purple electric scooter for kids

Not to be confused with the above scooter, the Razor Core E100 is more advanced than the base E100 model. 

Rated to be ridden by kids aged above 8 years, the Purple Razor E100 scooter is one of the few electric scooters that have stood the test of time and quality. 

Below are the primary specs you can expect from the E100:

Top Speed 16km/h (10mph)
Top Range 6 miles (10km)
Motor  100W; Chain-driven
Battery Dual 12V
Braking Front
Wheels 8inch, pneumatic (F)

With a weight limit of 120 lbs, most teen riders are within the load capacity of this scooter. As this ride is made from alloy steel and rubber materials, it’s relatively heavy, with its weight being 30.1 lbs.

This could mean that your kid shouldn’t go far from home since carrying the scooter back may be tedious (especially where the terrain cannot support kick scootering).

It’s also important for you to note that it takes anywhere between 4 and 6 hours for the batteries of this scooter to be full. That isn’t a long time, considering some scooters such as the EMOVE Cruiser take 9 hours to be fully charged. 

In Summary

Finding your best electric scooter purple is worth it since you will not only have a great ride but also show your worth of royalty. Depending on your needs and weight, be sure to get the best scooter you can and it will serve you big time.