Redmi Note 11 Pro Performance FAQs – Chipset, IR Blaster, NFC, CPU

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Performance FAQs – Find various questions and answers related to Camera and Battery such as – Does the support Dual Apps, IR Blaster or Turbo Gaming. What other features does support, such as Face Unlock or RAM & Storage?

Are you concerned about this type of question? If so, I’m sure we can answer all your questions. Give a quick look at Specifications before moving on to FAQs and Specifications.

Here we have divided the FAQs into five different categories such as Design, Display, Performance, Camera, and Battery. Our goal is to answer as many queries as we can. Please leave a comment below if you have any query left unanswered.

A quick overview

Display Size
Operating System
RAM & Storage
Rear Camera

The smartphone is powered by the MediaTek MT6769Z Helio G85 (12nm), which is an processor.

It comes with a touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080x2340 pixels at a pixel density of pixels per inch (ppi) and an aspect ratio of 0:0.

The phone is available in variant: Unfortunately, There is no microSD card slot on the , meaning you're stuck with the storage variant you buy.

Performance FAQ

What is the Antutu score of ?

The Antutu score of is .

An AnTuTu score can help you with its robust benchmarks to analyze the performance of your device.

Each test gets a score that gives you an idea of the capability of your device.

You can then compare your scores with those of other phones on the market to see how it ranks among them.

Does support Face Unlock feature ?

All the latest generation smartphone consist of Face unlock feature including .

However, you may need to check with manufacturer.

How much RAM does have ?

The device comes with ram and strorage.

How much internal storage we get on ?

The device comes with ram and internal memory strorage.

Is there any heating issue on ?

In most cases, it’s normal to experience heating issues since most smartphones don’t have a cooling device, but if you use your phone with multitasking and playing heavy games then your phone will slow down and the device’s power will decrease, affecting the device’s performance.

Can run PUBG/ Fortnite smoothly ?

It depends on the processor and ram of the smartphone. To run highend games like PUBG/BGMI or Fortnite smoothly on the minimum requirement is to have atleast 3GB of RAM and a good processor.

However, gaming for long time may decrease the smoothness depending upon the other factors like battery percentage and display brightness and ram consumption.

Does has lags/lagging issues?

No, does not lags while normal usage. However, while heavy gaming for a long time may decrease its performance.

Can you uninstall or disablepre-installed apps on ?

By default does not allows users to remove its pre-installed apps but you may use third-party tools to remove pre-installed apps from the .

Does support Video Calling ?

Yes, does have a support for video calling.

Does support dedicated memory card slot ?

does has memory card slot.

What Android version we get on ?

Android version and Custom ROM used of is .

Does support Dolby Atmos ?

No , does not support Dolby Atmos, However you may need to confirm with your retailer.

Does support IR blaster or Infrared Sensor ?

No, does not support IR Blaster or Infrared Port.

Does support USB OTG to sync files ?

has , It supports USB OTG.

Does support FM Radio ?

No, does not support FM Radio.

Does support virtual reality gear ?

No, is not compatible with VR Gear.

Does support Ambient light sensor ?

No confimed, you may need to check with the manufacturer.

Does support Gyroscope sensor ?

No, does not support Gyroscope sensor.

Does support Accelerometer sensor ?

No, does not support Accelerometer sensor.

Does support Proximity sensor ?

No, does not support Proximity sensor.

Does support Compass sensor ?

No, does not support Compass sensor.

Does support NFC ?

No, is not compatible with NFC sensor.

Does support One hand UI ?

No, does not support One hand UI, Confirming with the manufacturer is required.

Does support split screen feature ?

All new generation smartphone has split screen feature including .

Does support dual apps ?

All new generation smartphone has dual apps feature including .

Does support 5G connectivity or 5G Band ?

If you're wondering whether the phone support 5G, then the short answer is no. does not support 5G.

Does support 4G connectivity or 4G Band ?

If you're wondering whether the phone support 4G, then the short answer is no. does not support 4G.

Does support 3G connectivity or 3G Band ?

If you're wondering whether the phone support 3G, then the short answer is no. does not support 3G.

Does support screen mirroring or chromecast ?

Yes, support screen mirroring or chromecast.

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